Power of Peer Support

Peer support is the perfect supplement to any mental health treatment plan. It has rapidly become an integrated strategy for improving the quality of care for people with chronic illness. Studies have even shown peer support interventions to be more effective than usual care in reducing depressive symptoms.

Gia Allemand Foundation provides no-cost peer support and peer support groups to anyone dealing with a suspected or confirmed PMDD diagnosis.

Our peer support team is comprised of women who have PMDD, are at various stages of their PMDD journey, and have completed our unique women's peer support & crisis intervention training program.

Peers not only provide insight based on personal experience with various treatment plans but also teach coping skills, physical wellness, good nutrition, stress management and social support.

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If you are experiencing a moment of crisis or are in danger of self-harm please call 911 or message us on Facebook at m.me/GiaAllemandFDN.