Peer Support Groups on Facebook

Connect with women from all over the world who also have PMDD. Peer support is available online 24/7 via the recommended private Facebook groups below. You can find us on Facebook as well at


Gia Allemand Foundation
PMDD Support

181+ Members / women, men, AFAB, non-binary

This private group is for anyone with questions about PMDD. Unlike our public fan page, posts in this group are private and can only be seen by members of this group.


3600+ members / women & AFAB only

This is a closed group for moms with PMDD. You must be a mom and you must have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). 

PMDD Safehouse

1700+ members / women & AFAB only

This is place where you are free to express how pmdd makes you feel, your relationships affected by it. Everything and anything. Never feel guilty again. Never feel ashamed! This is your safehouse. 


PMDD, Hysterectomy, & life after

1100+ Members / women & AFAB only

A group ONLY for women who suffer(ed) from PMDD and had a hysterectomy (full or partial) & would just like the company and connection with other sisters who know what it's like first hand.


Grupo De Apoyo De Trastorno Disfórico Premenstrual (PMDD) México

>100 Members / women & AFAB only

Grupo para difusión de información acerca del Trastorno Disforico Premenstrual y también grupo de apoyo si te sientes identificada o piensas que lo sufres este lugar es para ti.

Trastorno Disfórico Premenstrual:información y apoyo España+Latinoamérica

1300+ miembros / solo mujeres

Este grupo pretende recoger información de carácter científico sobre el Trastorno Disfórico Premenstrual así como crear un punto de encuentro para personas que padecen esta enfermedad en España y LatinoAmérica.


UK PMDD Support

1700+ Members / Women & AFAB Only

A private support group to give and receive advice, share experiences and meet other sufferers in the UK.

PMDD Partner Support

230+ members / women, men, AFAB, non-binary

A private space to talk about the life struggles and advice for our partners that cope with PMDD.

I love this page so much! It’s like you folks ‘get it’ and understand that YES it does get that bad, but remember you are NEVER alone ... even in the darkest moments ... there is always someone out there who will listen
— Emily E.