Andarine (S4)

Andarine (S4)

Andarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator that was developed as a potential treatment for multiple conditions. Notable amongst which were reducing the size of an enlarged prostate gland and preventing severe muscle loss caused due to terminal illness, as well as conditions that prevent a person from exercising.

Andarine or S4 was one of the first SARMS to hit UG labs. And we have experimented a lot with it, sometimes even in crazy doses.

This was back when information about the effects of the compound and its side effects weren’t as well known.

Also, RAD140 was still a few years away.

So, when it came to cutting, the star candidates of the SARMS world were Andarine and Ostarine.

Not that we are complaining one bit. We have had some great results with Andarine and even today, when someone asks us for an effective cutting SARM, we recommend it more than we recommend GW501516.

If you have been wondering whether this amazing compound is worth your time, or what kind of results you can expect from a cycle, then here’s a brief primer on Andarine.

What is Andarine S4?

Andarine is a SARM that was developed by GTx Inc as a potential treatment for the prevention of muscle wasting, osteoporosis and BPH.

Before Ostarine, it was GTX’s most promising experimental drug that’s able to block the binding of DHT to receptors sites in the prostate gland with as much efficacy as Finasteride.

As a positive side effect, it prevents muscle wasting and it boosts fat loss.

Two unique traits that has led to its usage by bodybuilders and athletes looking to preserve muscle loss during a cutting cycle.

You might have read and heard repeatedly that Ostarine is the mildest SARM out there.

Well, that’s because they haven’t tried Andarine yet.

Andarine is hands down, the least suppressive SARM with more pronounced effects.

Strength without mass

andarine review

Surprisingly, there seem to be very few athletes and fitness buffs these days who use PEDs purely for a strength boost.

Nevertheless, if you are one of them, then S4 is one of the best options that you have.

This compound will make you strong and fast.

Unlike Cardarine which allows you to go on longer without losing your wind, S4 will boost the intensity with which you hit the track or lift the weights.

At the same time, it does very little in terms of adding lean muscle.

So if you are looking to stay under the radar, like in a non-competitive sporting event, here’s the perfect candidate.

S4 will make you crazy vascular

s4 sarm results before and after

One of the first and most beneficial effects of S4 is the vascularity. There are users who went from having not one visible vein on their body to having veins popping out of everywhere, literally.

It makes your body look like it’s covered with paper thin dick skin with a really pronounced web of blue.  

The vascularity kicks in around week 2 or 3 of the cycle and lasts for up to 6 weeks post cycle.

Andarine is a muscle hardener

The first time we used S4, we were convinced that the product was bunk and that it was laced with an anabolic oral steroid, as it had a very Anavar like effect.

But there was no way someone was selling Anavar for those rates. So maybe it was Winstrol or Masteron.

After testing the batch, we found that it was 95% pure Andarine.

The results were just insane. It made our muscles look rock hard and we were six months off our last blast. So we were looking all puffed up and bloated before using S4.

After four weeks, we added some Cardarine to the cycle and it completely transformed our body dropping body fat like we were on Clenbuterol and Mast.

S4 increases the rate at which you burn fat

andarine side effects

In an animal model clinical study, it was noted that Andarine helped Sprague-Dawley rats burn more fat while increasing bone density and strength.

Anecdotally, most users have been able to confirm this along with the increased body strength and vascularity.

Some users have gone to the extent of comparing it with Clen. But we never had a Clenbuterol effect when we were on S4.

But if you club it with a calorie deficit, you should be able to drop those last few stubborn pounds of body fat pretty easily.

Add the vascularity, pumps and muscle hardening and you have the perfect compound for aesthetics.

Andarine will affect your vision

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After Phase 1 of Clinical trials, Andarine was abandoned by GTx in favor of Ostarine which was touted to be more effective and safer.

We don’t believe that Andarine was not effective. It was probably abandoned due to the vision related side effects.

These side effects manifest differently in people. Some people don’t experience the sides until they titrate the dose up to 100mg/day, which is an absurdly high dose.

Others start to get the sides even at 25mg/day. If you are one among the latter, then sadly, you’ll either have to live through the sides or look for another compound.

It starts with a yellowish tint to the vision. Some say it’s greenish. But we’d call it a very sepia-like yellow. This lasts all day on most days. Sometimes though, it just lasts for a few hours a day.

This is followed by a lack of peripheral night vision. Think of it like looking through binoculars while you are outside in the dark. This can potentially hamper your ability to drive safely. Something that must be considered if you are planning to use S4.

At times, when you go from a dark room to a lit one, your eyes take a lot longer than usual to get adjusted to it.

We experienced the first side effect at 50mg/day. It kept getting severe as we increased the dose to 75mg/day gradually. At 100mg/day, we experienced an episode of near night blindness. We stopped at that point and dropped down to 50mg/day. The side effects reduced greatly.

We even tried the 5:2 protocol to negate the sides. But that didn’t have any noticeable difference.

Our Experience

The sides were completely gone after 3 weeks of our last dose of S4. It’s been three years since we last used the compound. Our vision is perfectly okay.

From our experience, we can say that the vision sides are temporary and most likely, dose dependent. Even in the clinical trials, it is called an ‘eye irritant’.

Dose only until you don’t experience the vision sides. If 40 or 50mg/day is your tolerable upper limit, then stick to it.

Don’t be tempted to up it further. It can be pretty scary while it lasts. But thankfully, it begins to fade away as soon as you reduce the dose or stop using it.

Andarine S4 Review
  • Vascularity
  • Strength Gains
  • Muscle Hardening
  • Fat Burning

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