To the world, Gia Marie Allemand was an American actress, model, and reality television contestant. She was known for appearing in Maxim and appearing on several reality shows including The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, Bachelor Pad 1 and 2, The Ellen Degeneres show, Ghost Trek and more. To us, Gia was a daughter, a sister, a partner, and a best friend. On August 12, 2013, Gia was admitted to University Hospital in New Orleans after an attempted suicide by hanging. Two days later, surrounded by friends and family, Gia was removed from life support. She was 29 years old.

Gia had a love for people, a very special heart, a motivation to help those in need. She always wanted to help those around her, instead of doing what was necessary to help herself. After a long battle with depression and PMDD, Gia felt the only way to freedom was by taking her own life.

Coming to terms with our loss has led us here, to launch a foundation in her memory. Gia’s spirit put us on a mission. The lessons we learned from Gia make our mission urgent — to help young women build the necessary skills to cope with and conquer a wide range of issues including depression, PMDD, suicidal ideation, emotional abuse, and self-esteem. We hope to provide young women who need our help with a safe environment, psychological support services and workshops.

As we work toward this goal, we want to serve Gia’s community, and the community of others working to prevent suicide and foster a life-long positive outlook. You cannot get help until you first realize and admit you need it. We would love Gia’s foundation to help people see that it is OK to struggle and ask for help. We are here for you if you are in need. Our goal is to have Gia’s spirit live on through the work we do from now into the future for her foundation. Our prayer is to help lives and to break down barriers. We are dedicated to doing whatever we can to turn what was, and will always be, a horrible thing in our lives, into something meaningful and hopeful.

We invite you to join us.

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